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  • SB-RLY6c16A-DN

    $ 354.50

    $Ca. ( Retail Price )

    Référence   C14
    UPC:   0610696253903
    Brand:   Smart G4

    Smart-Bus Relay 6ch 16Amp /ch, DIN-Rail Mount (G4) – SB-RLY6c16A-DN


    Din rail Pass Through Green Relay , powered by 12mA/24 VDC from Bus, can work as ON/OFF for Lighting, Small Pumps, water heaters, Solenoids of Irrigation , security buzzer, siren and flasher, and Industry use

    Small and elegant with labeling place, life LED indicator, broadcast address button.

    Can be used in any location that require energy saving, intelligent control such as Factory, apartment, Villa, Offices, Restaurant, Hotel rooms , Convention Center, Shopping Mall, Residential Building, Banquet Room, Stadium, Airport, Theme Park, Gymnasium, , Smart Mansion.

  • SB-RLY8c16A-DN

    $ 356.50


    $Ca. Retail Price )

    Référence   C15
    UPC:  0610696253910
    Brand:   Smart G4

    Smart-Bus Relay 8ch 16Amp /ch, DIN-Rail Mount (G4) – SB-RLY8c16A-DN


    DIN-Rail Mount Switched Pass Through Relay 4ch 16A /per ch. with scene controller Multi Phase, Multi-Current, Multi voltage. Software Selectable programmable Motor function: Double Throw Dipole Grouping. Work 220/110 VAC, 50-60Hz as well as 1.5-48VDC (Green operated supplied by 24VAC/12mA) Small and elegant with easy labeling space, output status LED indicator, network health, broadcast address button and Momentary channel button. Can be used in any location that require energy saving, intelligent control such as apartment, Villa, Offices, Restaurant, Hotels or factories. *Can be Manually Programmed by any Electrician on site without need for PC.

    ** (This is an Advanced 2-way module. Changing load status manually reflect and update on all Connected SW & Devices)


    $ 426.25

    DIN-Rail Mount: 5Isolated Areas Mix Controller

  • SBw-ESR16i-DN

    $ 489.66
    $ Ca.
    Référence:  C30
    Brand: Smart G4
    Short Code: ESR16i

    Lighting and Switching.

    ESR16pw , IOT WIreless Relay Module 16ch, 10Amp/ch, I/O

    with Wifi DIN-Rail Mount S-BUS enabled, works as Stand alone and network enabled,

    Good as Complete Apartment Solution for Switching, control, and Network bridging.

    Built in Wifi, Power Supply, Memory, Scenes, Sequence and More.

    Total 48 Ports I/O 16Ch Relays Each is 10A, and 32 Channel Dry contacts Inputs.

    Supports Scene, Sequence, Que. Can Create Scenes by Simple NO/NC.

    All dry contacts are super flexible to drive and do any task on the device or on the bus.

  • SBW-PStrip8-FL

    $ 454.00


    Référence:  O09
    Brand:   G4
    Short Code:  Power StripPower Strip with S-Wave (G4s)
    Easy DIY S-Wave Enabled Powerstrip with Built in IR for Hand Held Remote control, and Built in S-BUS. Works Direct as PnPlay with S-Wave Bridge.
    Built in 8 Universal Outlets (2 Dimmers each is 2A, and 6 Relays 5A Each). All in one elegant minisize Tower Designed for Space Saving. Great Solution for Room TV, DVD, Media System Power Control, and for Mood Lighting.
  • SB-MIX23-DN

    $ 510.00
    Référence   M24
    UPC:  0610696254313
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  MIX23 Beast Zone Beast
    Special:  Best Product
    Model:  SB-ZBeast23-DN
    MPN:  Beast mix23
    M23 Zone-Beast 23 port Mix Control Module (G4) – SB-ZBeast23-DN ( Mix23 )

    DIN-Rail Mount: 5Isolated Areas Mix Controller. This Mix Control module is designed to Handle almost all needs of any Luxury Zone Like Master Suite, Hotel Room or 1-2 bedroom apartment. A Single Module contains 3Ch Dimmers X each is 1A, and 9ch Relays X each is 6A /per ch. with scene controller. 4RelaysX6A With Double Throw for Motorized curtains and Drapes. 1Relay X 16A for Boiler and Floor Heating. HVAC module for FCU/AHU to Handle Multi stage Cooling, heating, and 3 fan Speed (L M H). Built in 1 Port for 0-10V VAV and Ballast Control. Added Port for T1 Temperature Sensor for Duct Temperature. Work 220/110 VAC, 50-60Hz (Green operated) Compact