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    $ 35.90
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    LED Power Supply 5A Capacity for 4LED Driver Model OE-PSLED5A-FL
    SKU   C24
    Brand:    Smart G4
    Short Code:   LED PS
    Model    OE-PSLED5A-FL

    LED Power Supply OE-PSLED5A-FL

    LED-Power Supply 5A Capacity, 12VDC X 5A Power supply for Costant Current LED Driver

  • Power Metering/Eletrictal

    $ 131.75

    High Sensitivity Current Transformer Easy Clamp-On Type. For use with SB-24CTR-DN

  • SB-5iN1-CL

    $ 124.00

    Bus Enabled, Addressable Ceiling Mountable 5in1 Multi-Functional sensor. One device has 5 functions designed perfectly for Automation Industry techno-lifestyle needs

  • SB-8IN1T-CL

    $ 131.75

    Optimum Solution for School Classroom, Bank ATM lounge and Bathroom Energy Saving


    $ 275.00
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    CDP-Color Display Panel Slim switch SB-CDP-UN
    SKU   D00
    UPC:  0610696255365
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  CDP
    Special::  Clearance
    Model   SB-CDP-UN
    MPN    CDP



    CDP is a wall switch Panel with Color TFT Touch Panel. Multi functions, Built in IR Receiver Plug in Port and Thermal Sensor Couple for Temperature. Easy Graphical and Multi Lingual configuration ability, Multi Functional Pages: Lighting, Moods, HVAC, Music, Fan Speeds, Motorized Shades, Security. With 2-way status update. (Each Button has right and left different function, Back let, Screen Brightness control), Home Status Page New Function, Double click Macro Function

  • SB-CT24-DN

    $ 552.62
    $ Canadien
    PM Tarsheed CT24 Power Meter 24 Channel Recorder with Alert By Philip Gan (G4s) SB-CT24-DN
    Model: SB-CTM24-DN

    PM CT24 Power Meter 24 Channel Recorder, SB-CTM24-DN

    CT 24Port Reader with Alert By Philip Gan (G4s)

    Référence H02
    Brand:Smart G4
    Short Code: CT24

    Current Monitoring and Alert.

    Good to Know if Light Bulbs Burned CTR

    24 Port CT Reader with Alert By Philip Gan (G4s) S-BUS Ready 24 Current Sensors Input Ports.

    High Sensitivity Design for BMS Lighting Channel Monitoring and Fixtures Replacement

    Requires OE-CT-FL Mini CT Clamp

  • SB-Impulse-UN

    $ 79.05

    Impulse Metering Module SmartBUS (G4)