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  • OE-AccessT-WL

    $ 199.00
    SKU:  X05
    Model : OE-AccessT-WL
    Elegant Touch Door Access – SA ( Entry System )
    Newest arrival, the first real standard standalone access control (Code/Card).
    With aluminum shell, capacitive sensing touchable keypad, Accepts RF Card and Tag, suitable for high end villa, huge office, factory and More.
    Integrates Via SB-2R-TC for IN/Out Door Control and Status
  • OE-FingerN-WL

    $ 320.00

    Biometric Door Access

  • SB-15SRV-UN

    $ 214.00
    SKU:  M11
    UPC:  0610696254825
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  Hotel vip service requester
    Model:  SB-15SRV-UN

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    Hotel VIP Service Requester Panel
    Simplified Energy Master Control Switch with Delay Timer, BUS Enabled. Including 3back let Buttons for service request: DND,Clean, Laundry)

    $ 193.75

    Apartment Door Access Bell Panel with Child Mifare Proximity Card Reader, Flash Memory Download by USB


    $ 193.75

    The module is a part of the Smart Hotel GRMS control system, built in Mifare Proximity Card Reader, Large-capacity flash memory


    $ 155.00

    The module is a part of the Smart Hotel GRMS control system, it combined with Smart Hotel Room total power switch model

  • SB-3ST-WL

    $ 155.00

    Chime Ding with 3Service Requester Panel SB-3ST-WL

  • SB-8IN1T-CL

    $ 131.75

    Optimum Solution for School Classroom, Bank ATM lounge and Bathroom Energy Saving

  • SB-9in1T-CL

    $ 124.00

    Bus Enabled, Addressable Ceiling Mountable 9in1 Multi-Functional sensor

  • SB-CardeRR-FL

    $ 292.95

    $Ca. ( Retail Price )

    Hotel Card Encoder –     SB-CardeRR-FL
    SKU    M25
    UPC:    0610696254399
    Brand:    Smart G4
    Short Code:    Encoder
    Model    SB-CardeRR-FL


    The Hotel Lock System is a system based on personal PC and RFID proximity card & lock. It brings three essential qualities: Security, Simpleness, Efficiency together and offers the best market value and convenience for hotel staff and guest.

    RFID hotel lock is a card lock which uses proximity technology. It works by reading RFID card in contactless way. IC hotel lock is different, it works by insert an IC (integrated circuit) card.


    $ 275.00
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    CDP-Color Display Panel Slim switch SB-CDP-UN
    SKU   D00
    UPC:  0610696255365
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  CDP
    Special::  Clearance
    Model   SB-CDP-UN
    MPN    CDP



    CDP is a wall switch Panel with Color TFT Touch Panel. Multi functions, Built in IR Receiver Plug in Port and Thermal Sensor Couple for Temperature. Easy Graphical and Multi Lingual configuration ability, Multi Functional Pages: Lighting, Moods, HVAC, Music, Fan Speeds, Motorized Shades, Security. With 2-way status update. (Each Button has right and left different function, Back let, Screen Brightness control), Home Status Page New Function, Double click Macro Function


    $ 310.00

    All in one wall Switch, the DDP is an elegant and easy to use wall panel that eliminates wall agony

  • SB-eAux2-WL

    $ 253.95
    Référence:  M23
    UPC:  0610696254382
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  Aux
    Special:Best Product
    Model:  SB-eAux2-WL
    Energy AUX Hotel Room Power Master – SB-eAux2-WL
  • SB-H3S-WL

    $ 139.50

    Hotel 3 Service Requester

  • SB-Impulse-UN

    $ 79.05

    Impulse Metering Module SmartBUS (G4)