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    $ 35.90
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    LED Power Supply 5A Capacity for 4LED Driver Model OE-PSLED5A-FL
    SKU   C24
    Brand:    Smart G4
    Short Code:   LED PS
    Model    OE-PSLED5A-FL

    LED Power Supply OE-PSLED5A-FL

    LED-Power Supply 5A Capacity, 12VDC X 5A Power supply for Costant Current LED Driver

  • SB-2Flicker-UN

    $ 62.00
    $Ca. ( Retal Price )
    LED Flicker Supressor (G4) – SB-2Flicker-UN
    Référence   C22
    UPC:   0610696254870
    Brand:   Smart G4
    Short Code:   Flicker
    Model   SB-2Flicker-UN
    MPN   Flicker SUpressor for LED


    Mini Sized 2-Circuits Module designed with Variable adjustment to Fit almost any LED circuit and create the needed Flickering Suppressing function. This Module is Small in Size, Can Fit behind or into standard Back boxes and Circuit Boards/Panels. This Module Has Variable Adjustment per channel and can be used with any Dimmer from any third Party or with any Circuit that have LED flickering Issues,


    $ 210.36 $ 168.36
    $Ca. ( Rerail Price )
    LED Driver/Dimmer 4Ch Bus-Enabled (G4) RGBW Controller – SB-4LED-DCV
    SKU   C23
    UPC:  0610696253941
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  LED
    Model   SB-4LED-DCV
    MPN   LED Driver RGBW


    This Product is Smart-BUS ready LED Driver that Can Be used to control DC Constant Voltage LED Fixtures like: Spot Lights, LED Strip Lights, Down Lights ..etc. The Maximum Load Per Channel should not Exceed 1A. This LED Driver Can Control 4 Different Channels or Mix Colors as RGB or RGBW.

    This LED-SBUS Driver can Control and Mix Lighting color, intensity, changing speed, and Rhythm The LED-SBUS Driver can also Be used as stand alone module.


    $ 275.00
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    CDP-Color Display Panel Slim switch SB-CDP-UN
    SKU   D00
    UPC:  0610696255365
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  CDP
    Special::  Clearance
    Model   SB-CDP-UN
    MPN    CDP



    CDP is a wall switch Panel with Color TFT Touch Panel. Multi functions, Built in IR Receiver Plug in Port and Thermal Sensor Couple for Temperature. Easy Graphical and Multi Lingual configuration ability, Multi Functional Pages: Lighting, Moods, HVAC, Music, Fan Speeds, Motorized Shades, Security. With 2-way status update. (Each Button has right and left different function, Back let, Screen Brightness control), Home Status Page New Function, Double click Macro Function


    $ 69.75

    LED DRIVER DMX Protocol
    3 Channel LED Driver Booster (RGB), works with both 24 nd 12VDC LED types. (Constant Voltage LED Only)

  • SS-LEDBoost-DC

    $ 38.75
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    Booster LED Super Booster 30A  —   SS-LEDBoost-DC
    SKU   C25
    Brand:   Smart G4
    Model    SS-LEDBoost-DC
    MPN    Booster

    3 Channel LED Driver Booster (RGB), works with both 24 nd 12VDC LED types.

    Boosting Total Capacity is 30A, 10A per channel, Cascadable, Works Directs with SB-4LED-DCV (Constant Voltage LED Only)