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  • NAI-C65-P

    $ 116.25
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    Frameless ceiling speakers 6.5″ Pivoted Tweeter Dual Cone NAI-C65-P
    SKU: B07
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  SPK
    Applications:  Audio, BGM, PA
    Type Speaker
    Model:  NAI-C65-P
    MPN:  Ceiling Speaker
    Compatible Technology 8 Ohm
    Country/Region of Manufacture USA – China

    NAI 6.5”Circle Ceiling Frameless Speaker with Pivoted Twitter Cross Over.

    High End Dual Cone, Poly Probyline woofers, with 1” Pivoted Tweeter.

    Three Levels of Tripple, Dust Filter, Paintable Grill, Push and Latch Connectors


    $ 275.00
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    CDP-Color Display Panel Slim switch SB-CDP-UN
    SKU   D00
    UPC:  0610696255365
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  CDP
    Special::  Clearance
    Model   SB-CDP-UN
    MPN    CDP



    CDP is a wall switch Panel with Color TFT Touch Panel. Multi functions, Built in IR Receiver Plug in Port and Thermal Sensor Couple for Temperature. Easy Graphical and Multi Lingual configuration ability, Multi Functional Pages: Lighting, Moods, HVAC, Music, Fan Speeds, Motorized Shades, Security. With 2-way status update. (Each Button has right and left different function, Back let, Screen Brightness control), Home Status Page New Function, Double click Macro Function


    $ 37.20

    Unbeatable Functions and Price, Best for Mass Residential and commercial Projects for energy Saving, Security and control

  • SB-IR-UN

    $ 69.75

    Universal Infra Red code Emitter with built in 2A current sensor and cyclic function


    $ 77.50

    Built in 10 Macros, each can sequence up to 50 IR codes with different Time delay between IR Codes to transmit between 0 seconds up to 30 minutes


    $ 178.00
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    Mini Zone Audio SB-MZA-FL
    SKU:   B11
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Type:  Multi Room Audio Controller
    Model:  SB-MZA-FL
    Compatible Technology SBUS
    Country/Region of Manufacture USA

    New Mini-Zone Audio with sBUS control, APP control. Ready with dual amplifiers for 3wx2 which is SBUS Powered Direct

    Additional output 30Wx2 speakers that Require Additional Auxiliary Power Supply.

    Built in BT (Blue Tooth),

    Auto PA Aux,

    USB, & SD Card,

    FM Radio.

    LCD, Control Buttons, IR Remote control.


    $ 358.80
    Référence: D02
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code: NDP
    NDP – NAI Nice Color Dynamic Display Home Panel (G4s) SB-NDP-EU
    Model:  SB-NDP-EU
    MPN:  NDP
  • SB-WiMote-FL

    $ 345.55
    Référence: B02
    Model: SB-WiMote-FL
    MPN:  Universal Remote with Wifi

    Wi-Mote (with wifi) Learning IR Bank with macro Universal Smart Remote (G5)

    Amazing DIY and Professional Series WiMote.
    Windows FAT 64, 32 Compatible with windows 8,7, xp ++ Supplies up to 6 Adressable Zones of IR, each Zone can control up to 6 devices easiely, 2 Current Sensors with Easy Pluging Jack and Tie on Grip, LCD for easy learning and Easy Testing.
    Built in S-BUS, and Macro Building ability. Soon Ready Free App to control from mobile as universal remote.
    Wifi and LAN Enabled to connect to your Home Network

    $ 565.75

    Distributed Audio Zone Player and Amplifier. Can Deliver up to RMS 48 Watts of Stereo. With Balanced Out to connect to Pre-Amplifier Booster

  • SB-ZS6-DIN

    $ 166.99

    $Ca. ( Retail Price )

    Z6 Zone Speaker Selector 12 channels, 1200 Watts Max SB-ZS6-DIN

    SKU 00222

    Z6 SB-ZS6-DIN is an Sbus enabled 6Zone, 12 channel, Speaker Selector with Auto Impedance Matching Technology.

    This is S-BUS Enabled and Can handle Big Pre-Preamplifier up to 1200 watts.

    Each Channel Max watt handling of 100 Watts. or 200Watts per zone

    Also, This is Best Product for Installers that do not need to waste time on Calculating Accurate Ohm matching nor making multiple cabling connections that is needed to match impedance and not harm their Amplifiers.


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