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    $ 303.60
    Référence:  X03
    Model:  iVDP2X-WL
    iVDP2  –  Universal with Access
    internet Video Door Phone with Door Lock Release.
    Ready with IOS and Android Apps to answer Visitor and Family standing at door step from any where you are connected to internet.
    This Model has also RF Card Reader to Enable Tag/Card Lock release

    Click to see details and Accessories www.ivdp2.com

  • NAI-C65-P

    $ 116.25
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    Frameless ceiling speakers 6.5″ Pivoted Tweeter Dual Cone NAI-C65-P
    SKU: B07
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  SPK
    Applications:  Audio, BGM, PA
    Type Speaker
    Model:  NAI-C65-P
    MPN:  Ceiling Speaker
    Compatible Technology 8 Ohm
    Country/Region of Manufacture USA – China

    NAI 6.5”Circle Ceiling Frameless Speaker with Pivoted Twitter Cross Over.

    High End Dual Cone, Poly Probyline woofers, with 1” Pivoted Tweeter.

    Three Levels of Tripple, Dust Filter, Paintable Grill, Push and Latch Connectors

  • OE-AccessT-WL

    $ 199.00
    SKU:  X05
    Model : OE-AccessT-WL
    Elegant Touch Door Access – SA ( Entry System )
    Newest arrival, the first real standard standalone access control (Code/Card).
    With aluminum shell, capacitive sensing touchable keypad, Accepts RF Card and Tag, suitable for high end villa, huge office, factory and More.
    Integrates Via SB-2R-TC for IN/Out Door Control and Status
  • SB-12T-UN

    $ 199.99
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    SKU: D41
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  FTP
    Model:  SB-12T-UN
    (12 Squares) Neon Touch Switch 12TB (G4s) Universal Size
    S-BUS Enabled, Elegant Touch Glass Switch.
    ART and LED Back Light Pattern Enabled for Elegant Techno Look and Behaviour.
    This Device has 12 Flexible Touch Areas that can be Programed Seamlessly.
    The Installer can also Print and Affix The Description, Picture Icon, and Color As Label behind the Glass which shall be backlit by the Powered Panel
  • SB-15SRV-UN

    $ 214.00
    SKU:  M11
    UPC:  0610696254825
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  Hotel vip service requester
    Model:  SB-15SRV-UN

    .. Smart G4 Automation Product Flyers .. Other Other Smart Hotel File, Photo, Video, and Presentation Downloads ..

    Hotel VIP Service Requester Panel
    Simplified Energy Master Control Switch with Delay Timer, BUS Enabled. Including 3back let Buttons for service request: DND,Clean, Laundry)
  • SB-24Z-DN

    $ 214.00
    SKU: E03
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  24Z
    Special: Best Product
    Model: SB-24Z-DN

    Lighting, dry contact

    24-Z Dry Contact Input by Monc ef EL Kanet S-BUS Enabled. 24 NO/NC Volt-free Dry Digital Inputs for Automation Security, Safety, Magnetic contact Sensors or for converting ClassicalManual Switches into BUS use.

    (Built in Intelligence and delay Functions) – Small size can fit behind switch. With Broadcast Enabled, Ready with Firmware USB Upgrade

  • SB-AC4B-EU

    $ 210.00
    SKU:  D09
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Special::  NEW
    Model:  SB-AC4B-EU/B
    Model: SB-AC4B-EU/W
    MPN: AC4B

    Simple 4 Button Lighting, Shades and Moods Switch with Built in Thermostat that has Temperature Display .

    Great For Mass Development Projects and Projects without Music or Many Complicated Functions – Smart BUS Enabled


    $ 184.99
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
     (Arabisc) “Art” Touch Switch 6TB Touch Button Panel SB-ART6T-EU
    SKU:  D32
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code: FTP
    Model:  SB-ART6T-EU
    (Arabisc) “Art” Touch Switch 6TB (G4s)
    S-BUS Enabled, Elegant Touch Glass Switch.
    ART and LED Back Light Pattern Enabled for Elegant Techno Look and Behaviour.
  • SB-CDP2-UN

    $ 496.80
    $ Ca.
    Référence: D03
    UPC: 0610696255365
    Brand: Smart G4
    Short Code:  CDP
    Model:  SB-CDP2-UN
    MPN:  CDP2
    CDP2 Capacitive Color Dynamic Display Home Panel Slim Wall Switch SB-CDP2-UN

    CDP is a wall switch Panel with Color TFT Touch Panel.

    Multi functions, Built in IR Receiver Plug in Port and Thermal Sensor Couple for Temperature.

    Easy Graphical and Multi Lingual configuration ability, Multi Functional Pages: Lighting, Moods, HVAC, Music, Fan Speeds, Motorized Shades, Security. With 2-way status update.

    (Each Button has right and left different function, Back let, Screen Brightness control), Home Status Page New Function, Double click Macro Function

  • SB-CT24-DN

    $ 552.62
    $ Canadien
    PM Tarsheed CT24 Power Meter 24 Channel Recorder with Alert By Philip Gan (G4s) SB-CT24-DN
    Model: SB-CTM24-DN

    PM CT24 Power Meter 24 Channel Recorder, SB-CTM24-DN

    CT 24Port Reader with Alert By Philip Gan (G4s)

    Référence H02
    Brand:Smart G4
    Short Code: CT24

    Current Monitoring and Alert.

    Good to Know if Light Bulbs Burned CTR

    24 Port CT Reader with Alert By Philip Gan (G4s) S-BUS Ready 24 Current Sensors Input Ports.

    High Sensitivity Design for BMS Lighting Channel Monitoring and Fixtures Replacement

    Requires OE-CT-FL Mini CT Clamp


    $ 689.00 $ 634.00
    Référence D01
    Brand:Smart G4
    Short Code: CTP
    Applications:: Home Automation, Office Control, Luxury User Interface, Wall Switch
    Brief Description:: Home Automation Color Capacitive Touch Panel
    TypeTouch color Home Control Panel Wall Switch
    Model: SB-CTP-UN
    MPN: ctp
    Compatible:  Technology Smart-BUS
    Country/Region of ManufactureUSA
  • SB-DIM2c20A-WL

    $ 897.00
    $ Ca.
    Référence: c5
    UPC: 0610696253866
    Brand: Smart G4
    Applications:  Lighting and Dimming Controls
    Type: Leading Edge Dimmer
    Model: SB-DIM2c20A-WL
    2DM Smart-Bus Heavy Load Dimmer 2ch 20A/ch, Wall Mount (G4s) 
    MPN: Dimmer 2 channel 20A
    Compatible: Technology Smart BUS
    Country: Region of Manufacture USA




  • SB-DTPu-UN

    $ 358.55
    Référence:  D05
    Brand: Smart G4
    Model: SB-DTPu-UN
    MPN: DTPu
    “DTPu” Universal Smart Touch Button Display Panel (G5) SB-DTPu-UN

    Is an Advanced Universal Mount Version of the Old DDP/DTP Panel Improved with Easy Direct Page and Function Menu, Colored Back Lighting (Effects)

  • SB-Eclipse4T-UN

    $ 199.99
    $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    SKU:  D37
    Brand:  Smart G4
    Short Code:  Simplese
    Model:  SB-Eclipse3T-EU
    (Eclipse) Touch Switch 4TB (G4s) Universal Size
    S-BUS Enabled, Elegant Touch Glass Switch.
    ART and LED Back Light Pattern Enabled for Elegant Techno Look and Behaviour.
  • SB-ESR16P-DN

    $ 412.62
    Référence:  C27
    Brand: Smart G4
    Short Code: ESR24
    16Rp+ ESR16P By Multi Tech, (By Amine Bukhraisi)

    Lighting and Switching

    This Power 10A Relay New Module is DIN-Rail Mount S-BUS enabled, works as Stand alone and network enabled, Total 48 Ports I/O 16Ch Relays Each is 10A, and 32 Channel Dry contacts Inputs. Supports Scene, Sequence, Que. Can Create scenes by Simple NO/NC.

    (Warning Do not Load with Loads that Require more than 10A inrush Current).


    $ 184.99
     $Ca. ( Retail Price )
    SKU:  D33
    Brand: Smart G4
    Short Code: FTP

    Model: SB-FTP7T-EU

    FTP Touch Switch 7TB (G4s)
    S-BUS Enabled, Elegant Touch Glass Switch.
    ART and LED Back Light Pattern Enabled for Elegant Techno Look and Behaviour.