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Becoming an Official Area Partner 2018

“Policy, Procedure & Questionnaire Form”

This Form Applies to The Following Partners:

  1. All New Partners that intend to Apply to become Smart-G4 Partners after May 2018

  2. Any Old Installer that is not working Direct with Factory but likes to Position his company officially

  3. Any Old Partner that likes to grow and Carry the Flag in his area officially

Why Become an official Partner 2018?

Becoming Official Smart-G4 Partner shall enable you to receive the following benefits:

  1. Lowest/Discounted price

  2. Automatic Factory Rebate Bonus (See Policy attached in Annex)

  3. Special promotions eligibility

  4. Special Mass Projects Costings and support to win

  5. Free Training & Certification (See sample attached in Annex)

  6. Official G4 Partner Certification (See Sample attached in Annex)

  7. Territory and project protection

  8. Leads forwarding in the area

  9. Website enlisting (New)

  10. *Receiving Free Tickets to Join international gatherings

  11. **Receive Free New Products and Marketing Materials

How Much it cost to become an official Smart G4 Partner 2018?

To become an Official-Smart G4-Partner 2018 your company is required to investment an amount of USD $5000 to purchase products and complete your showroom needs with all the needed Mobile Sales Boost Gear.  You shall be required to erect good Elegant Display and interactive showroom and support center for both: clients and dealers that will be later be trained under you.

If you are welling and have the ability, Kindly Follow the following Steps

Steps to Becoming an Official Partner:

  1. Fill Registration Forms 2018 (See Forms below)

  2. Attach below-listed Documents & Credentials then send to our Sales Manager:

  1. Trade License Registration (Mainly Technology or Electromechanical Companies may Apply)

  2. ID or Passport Copy of Owner/Manager (To Prove That you are part of a company that Exists)

  3. Company Profile, Experience, Targets, Team (Org. Chart) and projects CV.

  1. Investment of USD $5000 for Purchase of Showroom Demo Gear and Sales Tools/Kits ++

  2. Receiving fresh Smart-G4 Training and Passing Exam to Getting certified (Note: Training certificates older than 2years are not valid)

  3. Build a Dedicated G4 Demo Showroom Displaying Smart G4 project range fully Working Equipment (a Must for Official Partner 2018 Listing)

  4. Branding the Showroom with Large G4 Logo (See Minimum Size and Design allowance in appendix)

  5. Building or adding Smart-G4 Products to your web-presence (a Must for Official Partner Listing)

  6. Sending Prove of Installation of showroom Equipment, Displays and Logo.  in form of photos and short videos (for our evaluation)

Smart-Industry Group is a group of Companies that works together to fulfill One Target:(Techno Lifestyle Product Development and Solution Packaging).

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